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If you have received a Las Vegas traffic ticket for an alleged traffic violation in the Las Vegas Valley or surrounding areas, the consequences can be severe.  Costs for a simple Las Vegas traffic ticket can include large fines, DMV points put on your driving record, increased insurance premiums as well as suspension or revocation of your driver’s license!  Without Traffic Ticket Defenders’ expert legal help your Las Vegas traffic ticket may very likely  require you to attend a court hearing in person, pay higher traffic ticket fines than necessary, attend and pay for a traffic school class and pay higher insurance costs down the line.  Some of the consequences of a Las Vegas traffic ticket can be avoided completely, or at the very least minimized by retaining our office to handle the Las Vegas traffic ticket for you.

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Call Traffic Ticket Defenders when you receive a Las Vegas traffic ticket, and we will quickly contact the court to set your case for an “attorney appearance”. The first step is to identify the specific Court your traffic ticket was issued from.  Depending upon where you were driving when your traffic ticket was issued, you may have been ordered to appear in any one of six (6) local courts.  There are both “Justice Courts” which provide for those traffic tickets issued within the “Clark County” limits and “Municipal Courts” which provide for those traffic tickets issued within the particular city limits they are located in.  There are three local “Justice” courts including the Las Vegas Justice Court, North Las Vegas Justice Court, and the Henderson Justice Court.  The local “Municipal” courts include the individual cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas.   Once you contact our office we will locate the Court involved with your particular Las Vegas traffic ticket and inform you of the next step to be taken in the process.

Whether your Las Vegas Traffic Ticket will be heard in the Las Vegas Justice Court, in the Las Vegas Municipal Court, or any of the other surrounding Courts, we will immediately contact the proper Court personnel on you behalf.  Each Court has their own unique process for handling traffic tickets, and we are familiar with all of them.  Having Traffic Ticket Defenders contact the Court immediately insures that no additional bench warrant or traffic warrant fines or fees will be assessed, and no arrest warrants will be issued for you.

Even if your Las Vegas traffic ticket isn’t due for another 30 days, or it slipped your mind and it’s 3 days past due, you can contact our office to prevent the Court from taking any further negative action on your Las Vegas traffic ticket.  We will take every step in order to set up the hearing process and make sure your Las Vegas traffic ticket is taken care of immediately.

About Thomas Shaddix, Esq.

Our attorney, Thomas Shaddix, Esq. will personally appear on your behalf.  You will never have to go to court for a simple Las Vegas traffic ticket!  In most cases, your Las Vegas traffic ticket will be amended to a non-moving parking violation, which means:  NO DMV POINTSNO TRAFFIC SCHOOL and NO INSURANCE INCREASE!  In many cases, even including our fee, the total amount you will pay is less, sometimes substantially, than the amount of the original Las Vegas traffic ticket fine and the added time and cost of taking a traffic school class.  In almost all cases, this will also give you extra time before any fines you may still owe to the court become due.

Traffic Ticket Defenders has been in the business of helping people resolve their Las Vegas traffic tickets at an affordable cost for more than 13 years.  We will keep you informed of all important dates and actions that are being taken on your Las Vegas traffic ticket so you will know what to expect with no surprises.  From the first e-mail notification of our new hearing date, to the final letter explaining the outcome of your Las Vegas traffic ticket you’ll be kept up to date every step of the way.

Avoid any further worries or hassles involving your Las Vegas traffic ticket!  The consultation is free and takes just a few minutes!

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