Las Vegas Justice Traffic Ticket

Call us today to handle your Las Vegas Justice Traffic Ticket!
Call us today to handle your Las Vegas Justice Traffic Ticket!

If you have received a ticket for an alleged traffic violation from the Las Vegas Justice Court, the consequences can be severe.  A Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket can be issued by several different law enforcement agencies depending on where you were at the time the alleged traffic violation took place.  The costs for a Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket can include large fines, DMV points on your driving record; being ordered to attend traffic school and increased insurance premiums. There are many different courts throughout the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas and each Court treats these violations differently.  If you have a Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket, you need someone with experience to handle that process for you.

Call Traffic Ticket Defenders when you receive a Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket, and we will immediately contact the court to set your traffic citation for an attorney appearance. This insures that the Las Vegas Justice Court will not hit you with additional fines or fees, and no warrants will be issued in case your ticket may become past due. In many cases, this will also give you extra time before any fines you may owe for your Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket become due.

Attorney Thomas S. Shaddix, Esq. will personally appear on your behalf and handle every aspect of your Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket. You will never have to return to the Las Vegas Justice Court and we will help you every step of the way in resolving the traffic citation.  In most cases, your Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket will be amended to a “non-moving” parking violation, which means: NO POINTS, NO TRAFFIC SCHOOL and NO INSURANCE INCREASE!  Save yourself from a return trip to the Las Vegas Justice Court and possibly receiving an additional traffic ticket during your travel!

Traffic Ticket Defenders has been in the business of helping people resolve their Las Vegas Justice traffic tickets at an affordable cost for more than 12 years. In most cases, even including our fee, the total amount you pay is less, sometimes substantially, than the amount of the original Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket fine and being required to take a traffic school class. This is even without including the added time and cost of travel to and from the Las Vegas Justice Court for you to appear in person.

With a simple phone call we can handle your Las Vegas Justice traffic ticket with no court appearance, no points on your DMV driving record, no Traffic School and no insurance increases!

Call us today at (702) 735-7867 and we’ll take care of the rest!

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