Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant

Handle your Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant today!
Handle your Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant today!

Did you forget to pay a traffic ticket or fail to appear for a scheduled court date in the Goodsprings Justice Court?  If so, chances are high that you now have a Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant issued for you.  Once you have a Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant issued, you are subject to immediate arrest! Whether the original charge was a simple traffic violation that’s now past due, or a more serious criminal charge, the consequences for not addressing a Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant are the same and need to be dealt with immediately.  We are here to help you with your Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant.

If you have an outstanding Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant, you must have it “quashed” (this means having your Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant recalled by a judge), or you risk being arrested and going to jail. Once you are arrested you may be required to post a large bail amount with the court, or wait several days in jail until a Judge can hear your case.  The issuance of a Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant can turn seemingly minor charges,including traffic citations, into major inconveniences.  It always seems to be at the worst possible moment when these matters catch up with people.  Whether it’s 10 p.m. on a Thursday night and they are stopped for a simple traffic violation, or if they are applying for a new job with a background check, the resulting arrest and impound of your vehicle or denial of employment are heavy prices to pay for something that can be handled quickly and easily by retaining Traffic Ticket Defenders. Don’t let a Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant sidetrack your plans or put your life on hold.

When you contact our office and we locate your Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant, Traffic Ticket Defenders will immediately file a motion to have the bench warrant quashed.  The Court will quash your Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant immediately and set your matter for a later hearing date.  Once the Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant has been quashed and you’re no longer at risk of being arrested, we will also handle any further court appearances to bring your case to a successful conclusion. This includes reducing your Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant fees and/or traffic fines, allowing you at least 30 days to make your next payment to the Goodsprings Justice Court, and setting you up for a long-term payment plan with the Court if needed.

If you have an active Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant issued for you, don’t delay!  If you’re not sure whether you have an active Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant, give us a call and we will find out for you.  We have handled hundreds of Goodsprings Justice Bench Warrant matters and are ready to handle yours!

Call us today at (702) 735-7867 and we’ll take care of the rest!

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